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Shopper behavior

Want to understand customer habits and how to influence them? Our shopper behavior research factors in your closest competition, changing consumer requirements, and generational preferences.

Our approach

The goal is to influence purchasing decisions and provide positive results for your brand. It’s a simple aim, but it’s not so easy to execute!

Our approach to shopper behavior market research is always flexible, tailored, and grounded in the situation – because what works for one category or channel, might not work for another. We help clients master and leverage category purchase dynamics, to drive brand love and improve conversion rates with shoppers worldwide. Whether you’re a retailer, manufacturer, merchandiser, or service provider… a category manager or shopper marketer, in charge of the customer experience in-store or online.

No matter if your core challenges are around in-store activation or understanding online shopping behavior, we’ll help you improve customer engagement and achieve sustainable growth, through actionable insights.

Research benefits

Enabling growth opportunities

Inspire conversations with retailers and prospective clients. Demonstrate compelling thought leadership and a clearer understanding of how to provide the right products or solutions.

Improving conversion rates

Address activation challenges, by learning how to improve your planograms, and engagement at the point of sale, in-store or online.

Optimizing shopper marketing

What touchpoints and messages influence shopper decisions? The right strategy will help you prioritize your focus and resources for better ROI.

Reaching more shoppers

Let's understand shoppers’ needs across different channels and formats. These powerful insights will inform range, packaging, and point of sale activation tactics.


Understanding your challenges

We immerse ourselves in your world and take the time to understand your needs. Stakeholder engagement is at the core of our service. From helping to win buy-in, to designing materials for different objectives, we do it all.


Exploring shopper behavior in context

See how your customers shop and get their on-the-ground, in-the-moment reactions. We’ll oversee the best method for the task – such as eye-tracked shops, in-aisle intercepts, web-along exercises, or remote diaries.


Evaluating the results

We’ll deliver what you need to influence retail consumer behavior. Whether it’s sharing contextually relevant insights and implications or participating in your category review meetings – we’ll take care of it.

Research methods

Retail environmental design

Retail environmental design





Retail strategy

Retail strategy

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