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Customer & audience market segmentation

A successful customer or market segmentation spreads throughout your organization and delivers commercial value, supporting your growth, expansion, cost efficiency and revenue protection goals.

Our approach

They say the customer is always right. And, certainly, the importance of achieving high satisfaction levels and providing a quality service can’t be under-estimated.

To reach these heights, you must first understand your different customer types – how their needs differ, and which ones present the best commercial potential. Our customer and target market segmentation research will help you achieve this. Whether it's a consumer segmentation or b2b segmentation we deliver customer and audience segmentations that will be understood across the business, from sales to finance.

Our consumer segmentation analysis will help you answer burning questions, including:

  • Who are your different customers in terms of behaviours, motivations, attitudes, and needs? Which ones should you target? What is the size of the opportunity?
  • Which behaviours make them unique opportunities – or not? What challenges and frustrations do they encounter?
  • Why are customers behaving that way? How do current offerings meet their needs? Does white space exist?

Identifying your segmentation requirements

Running stakeholder workshops lets us scope out who will use the segmentation research and how. It also gives us hypotheses to test and helps you secure internal buy-in or support for the project.


Understanding customers’ needs and wants

Learn all you need to know about your customers’ behaviors and attitudes. We’ll run qualitative focus groups or in-depth interviews and analyze social media, to provide colour around the statistics.


Validating the segments

Get robust behavioral and attitudinal data from an extensive list of questions shaped by the previous steps. We recruit the sample and host the quantitative survey on our proprietary platform.


Analyzing the results

We use a range of techniques, including cluster analysis and factor analysis, to create a customer segmentation that answers your key questions.

Research benefits

We'll deliver an audience segmentation that will be understood across the business, from sales to finance.

Bridging segments and commercial strategy

Grasp the commercial opportunity for each segment through segment profiling with extended pen portraits, as well as identifying and sizing opportunities.

Developing future-proof customer strategies

Deliver strategies and content that hold relevancy, consistency, and value for customers – now and in the future.

Embedding actionable insights company-wide

Make an impact. We’ll work with you to align insights to actions, activating new audience segmentation through media strategies, marketing, and development activities.

Supporting business growth

Optimise marketing strategies and content that drive advocacy, convert action into sales, and ultimately underpin business growth.

Research methods

Market sizing & trends

Market sizing & trends

Attitudes & usage studies

Attitudes & usage studies

Market understanding & opportunity

Market understanding & opportunity

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"The survey showed us that our clients were true advocates for us and would be very willing to refer us to industry colleagues, but that we needed to formalise this process more. The research programme has definitely provided additional tools to help us communicate our strengths, as well as enhancing relationships with existing clients.”

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