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Essentials Stakeholder perceptions

Fuss-free, fast, & flexible

To build an effective stakeholder engagement strategy, you need to measure perception – without resorting mind reading!

Use our Essentials Brand Tracker to measure stakeholder perception and sentiment and create a strategy that maximises your stakeholder relationships.

Our approach

Keeping stakeholders happy is a full-time job. It’s all about building great relationships.

Our Essentials package can help with your engagement plan. We’ll measure stakeholder perceptions of your performance, including key priorities for the future and compare to those of other organizations. The risks and opportunities we highlight will inform your organizational strategy, while recognizing the strengths and weaknesses in current stakeholder relationships. How else will you know how to improve them?

See quickly how perceptions and communications requirements vary by stakeholder type, to allow for tailored engagement. As an optional extra, you can also access drivers of stakeholder perceptions, allowing you to develop high-impact action plans.

We’ve designed a core questionnaire to determine overall perception KPIs, and understand views on performance, priorities and engagement activities. With the ability to add in your own bespoke questions, our experts then handle full operational set up and delivery, including survey send-out.

Research benefits

Benchmarked data

Compare how perceptions and communications requirements vary by stakeholder type and other organizations.

Complete flexibility

Freedom to add bespoke questions related to your specific strategy and remit.

A low cost, high value alternative

Run your stakeholder research at a more competitive cost than a bespoke survey.

Visual outputs

Online dashboards with an easy-to-understand set of deliverables.

Expert design

Our questionnaires are designed by our stakeholder research experts.

Speed of delivery

Results can be available on the dashboard within 24-hours.

Our essentials range

Brand tracker

Brand tracker

Concept test

Concept test

Campaign evaluation

Campaign evaluation

Creative test

Creative test

Employee experience

Employee experience

Pitch Winner

Pitch Winner

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