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Not-for-profit market research

Charities and third sector organizations need to gain maximum impact with limited resources. This is particularly tricky when contexts, audience needs, and end clients are constantly changing.

Intelligent charity and non-profit research can strengthen your resilience and income streams. Helping you identify – and anticipate – macro and micro societal changes to adapt and respond when setting strategic objectives.

Here’s how we can help:

Our approach

Charities and third sector organisations face tough challenges. Responding to societal change and future-proofing. Investing in leadership and infrastructure. Evolving income streams for better financial resilience. It’s a big ask.

Our team have expertise in providing charity research and not-for-profit research; offering clear evidence for strategic and tactical decision-making. Where you focus, what you prioritize, and where you invest efforts is critical. We provide the insights to help you face challenges head on. If you’re looking for a partner to inform your not-for-profit communications strategy, build stakeholder relationships, and advise on policy development, you’ve found us!

Acting as trusted advisors to charities and third sector organizations, we work across a range of issues, accessing vital data from vulnerable and minority groups. Let us know your challenges and the sensitivities of your project and we’ll get to work.

Always bespoke. Always considered. Always sympathetic.

How we help

Understand your target market

Map-out how and why businesses buy solutions. What triggers the need? Who’s involved? What matters to them? Where do they look? And who do they trust?

Develop compelling products and services

From identifying unmet needs and co-creating new solutions, to testing and refining existing late-stage concepts, we can supercharge the success of your next product or service.

Enhance your branding

Where is your brand is now and where do you want to take it? We help you align internal and external perceptions. Attractive, achievable and ownable. It’s where you want your brand to be. Track progress, optimize initiatives, build business cases, and course correct.

Optimize marketing communications

Are you relevant to your audiences? Do your messages resonate? We can develop, test and optimize marketing communications to capture attention within your target market. Craft compelling thought leadership material that prompts deep thinking by following Savanta’s Seven Rs.

Case studies

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YouthSight’s research was crucial to the development of our nationwide Student Art Pass. We were delighted with their work and are now delighted with the outcome: a fast-growing scheme helping more and more students discover culture, save money and engage with the arts.

Senior Marketing Manager Art Fund

As a not for profit organisation, it’s absolutely vital we get the most out of our ads to maximise their impact, with the media budget available. We already had a strong ad, but what I found really useful about the approach was knowing which elements were working harder for us and why, and which parts less so – all of which helped inform what changes were required to really cut-through.

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