Measuring Advertising Campaign Effectiveness

With consumers spoilt for choice in-store and bombarded with messaging from numerous marketing channels, how do you know how your latest advertising campaign is effective in driving your brand?

Measurement is an increasingly complex undertaking, but is fundamental to maximising engagement with your customers. Creating a buzz will have a range of objectives. KPIs and metrics will range from driving depth of engagement, improving customer perceptions, understanding emotional response, to increasing brand loyalty and ultimately driving sales.

We provide a range of platforms, from digital ad pre-testing, innovative biometric techniques, to our bespoke campaign optimiser tool, to help understand pre and post advertising effectiveness across a range of platforms, including online and across a range of KPIs. We enable you to test the success of creative content and messaging, measure message relevance and understand where spend is most effective to help drive ROI.

Savanta Measuring Advertising Campaign Effectiveness



How well is the campaign driving spontaneous and prompted brand awareness



Is the campaign connecting at an emotional level to enhance and deepen quality of awareness?



Is this successfully translating into enhanced attitudes and behaviours for the brand?



Does this drive call to action and lead to stronger propensity to purchase?



How well is the campaign driving ROI and sales?


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