Measuring Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

We all know how crowded and noisy the world of advertising and communications is, with brands using a myriad of ways to engage audiences in order to form and evolve brand opinion and identity.

Measuring, evaluating and predicting effectiveness of marketing campaigns is increasingly complex. Campaigns can often need fine-tuning before the balance between cut through, message take out, platform mix and marketing spend are aligned.

We have a range of approaches to enable pre-testing of creatives, through to post campaign evaluation effectiveness. We’ll enable you to identify which platforms are over or underperforming comparative to spend, and shows the effect individual platforms have on overall campaign awareness and other key brand metrics (KPIs) such as image and purchase intent.

Savanta Measuring Marketing Campaign Effectiveness



How well is campaign cutting through and reaching its target audience



How creatives engage with audiences pre-launch to understand true levels of engagement at an implicit and explicit level; Are they communicating desired messages effectively during the campaign?



Is the campaign effective at shifting brand perceptions and behaviours? Are some elements doing this more effectively than others? How is the campaign performing against our normative benchmarks?



How can the campaign be optimised to maximise ROI


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