Data Visualisation & Analytics

Uncover the full value in your data

From fully bespoke visualisations to complex statistical analysis – fresh insights and new opportunities are revealed to you through data visualisation and analytics.



Act faster, respond quicker and track key metrics in real-time with our bespoke dashboard solutions. View data your way, with infographic-style KPI delivery to detailed trend reports incorporating existing data. All of which sits within a white-labelled design to power your decisions from field to presentation.


Online Cross Tabulation

Get multiple views with no extra time or cost with our powerful web-based cross tabulation solution. Custom cross breaks, filters and data views give multiple angles on the same data, whilst built-in significance and correlation tests provide powerful analysis on the fly. All online cross-tab views can be exported to excel or saved for later use.


Data Solutions

Streamline the cost and efficiency of your advanced projects with our unique combination of in-house expertise and smart tools. We accomodate design, scripting and analysis of techniques like Conjoint and MaxDiff internally. Furthermore, our team are always on hand to consult on the best solution to your unique set of problems.


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