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Understand your target consumers

BrandVue’s consumer insight and perception tracking tool offers brands a well-rounded, holistic picture of their consumer’s opinion, using frequent surveys and in-depth analysis to gain a sense of exactly who their target customers are, what they consume, all the way through to how they feel and interact with particular brands.

Consumer insight and perception tracking should be considered throughout a brand’s marketing process, from inception to completion. Our intelligent research platform can help your company understand your consumers better and help inform your business strategy going forward.

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How we help


Audience understanding

Gain a deeper insight into your consumer’s thought processes and opinions towards a range of different things. BrandVue’s consumer insight and perception tracking service offers a number of key tools and intelligent software designed to help you get to know your customer better.


Understanding the market

Our consumer insight and perception tracking service uses high quality research to help brands understand how consumers feel towards your brand and your competitors. A holistic view of both enables a wider understanding of the market as a whole, helping your brand navigate the competition and gain an edge on it. We can provide a tailored service for brands wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the market, offering surveys, reports and key insights along with expert guidance at the touch of a button.


Increase customer retention

Using our expert insight and analysis tools, we can help your brand identify your customers’ habits and opinions, allowing you to tailor your approach in order to keep them engaged and interested and wanting to use your brand going forward.


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