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Understand your customer’s pre-purchase considerations

Using intelligent behavioural analysis tools, our targeted insight can help you gain a deeper understanding of the considerations and decisions made before a customer purchases a product or service across individual product categories and brands.

Our in-depth knowledge of behavioural analytics and high-quality research tools can help you get to the root of your customer’s path to purchase journey and identify key actions taken along the way, helping you tailor your brand’s approach to suit the habits of your target consumers.

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How we help


Retaining your current customers

Using BrandVue’s intelligent data, we can provide brands with reports on key consumer behavioural metrics, helping your brand get to grips with its customer, hone in on who they are and what their purchasing looks like, and have a clearer understanding of their pre-purchase journey and what actions they are likely to take.


Acquiring new customers

Understanding consumer behaviour can also help your brand when it comes to attracting and retaining a new customer base. Our research offers vital insight into consumer behaviour that will enable you to adopt an analytical approach to customer acquisition, helping you identify how to target new consumers based on their habits and decisions.


Market intelligence

Our consumer behaviour tracking service uses in-depth analysis to help brands understand their customer’s considerations and path to purchase journey across different categories and brands within the market. A deeper understanding of consumers’ attitudes towards the market as a whole helps your brand navigate the competition and gain an edge on other brands.


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