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Retail environmental design research

Great-looking retail design doesn’t always guarantee great profits. The perfect marriage of beauty and function – now that’s the holy grail. To create a perfect consumer-centric design, research their needs first.

Our approach

Design prototypes rarely work well straight away. You need a test and learn approach.

We believe in an iterative process to get it just right. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so we’ll ensure your research programme is tailored to answer your key business questions.

We evaluate the key environmental factors and consumer mindsets that have the most impact on behaviour and decisions. Using these insights, we create the behavioural design frameworks that elevate and differentiate your retail experience. We have extensive sector experience and a global view that considers cultural nuances across markets.

The result? Your designs won’t just make customers happy now; they’ll keep customers coming back in-store, time and time again.

Research benefits

Elevating shopper experience

What will improve the retail experience for your key customers? What changes can you make to store layout, communications, operations, or product range? Influence the path to purchase with engaging and aspirational retail design.

Improving conversion rates

Address your activation challenges, by learning how to improve your planograms and customer navigation – all informed by shopper behaviour insights.

Inspiring designers

Find the right shopper behaviour framework to inspire your design team and maximise their creative magic.

Rooting retail design in rigorous research

Stay informed about retail design recommendations and trends that are underpinned by robust shopper research.


Understanding your challenges

We immerse ourselves in your decision-making process to make the research relevant and fixated on addressing your challenges.


Exploring behaviours

Let the research do the heavy lifting, by focusing on the behavioural piece of the customer journey and the path to purchase. Since the context and environment are crucial, we conduct every research project in a natural setting.


Ideating the design solutions

Armed with all the findings, we’ll discuss the insights and implications with you to come up with design solutions that can be both beautiful and functional.


Validating the results

We assess if the solutions still cover all the key bases and refine things further if needed.

Research methods

Retail strategy

Retail strategy

Shopper behaviour

Shopper behaviour





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