September 24, 2021

Market Research Society (MRS) Operations Awards 2021:

Savanta wins Best Data Solution alongside Lucid, LLC

We are delighted to announce that we have won Best Data Solution alongside our partners at Lucid, LLC at the 2021 Market Research Society (MRS) Operations Awards.

Nominees included:

  • DataTile
  • Dyson & Market Logic Software
  • Lumina Intelligence & Pyramid Analytics
  • SampleNinja

Savanta worked alongside Lucid to create AutoSample, developed to automate the daily manual sampling activity needed to support the BrandVue platform.

AutoSample has successfully automated the daily manual sampling activity needed to support the 15 continuous running BrandVue surveys that require over 850,000 completes per year, matched to a quota profile on a daily basis. Benefits include:

  • Financial savings
  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced experience
  • Technological benefits

What the judges said: “Savanta and Lucid’s AutoSample solution, to automate the daily sampling activity needed to support the BrandVue monitoring platform, is an elegant data solution which delivers improved efficiency, data quality, completion rates and cost effectiveness. The strong metrics and excellent verbatims highlighted the success and value of the technological solution in enhancing BrandVue as a leader in brand tracking. An innovative and well-designed data solution which is a worthy award winner.”

Richard Ashford, Associate Director, Lucid comments: “Integrating the BrandVue quota management tool with Lucid’s Marketplace Demand API is a great example of how a repetitive process can be streamlined and automated. This integration has freed up many hours of project management time, allowing Savanta to scale their solution and concentrate on adding value to clients.”

John Laughton, Director, BrandVue: “Auto-sampling has several benefits, enabling us to more smoothly hit our audience quotas without the continual and time-consuming manual checking we would have used in the past. This means better data, less room for human error and gives our teams the chance to focus on value services rather than admin.”


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