June 9, 2020

An industry leading suite:

Parliamentary Panels

Savanta ComRes operate the industry-leading suite of parliamentary panels.

Our expert consultants provide real value by placing data into proper context and forming evidenced-based recommendations, equipping clients with the insights needed to understand the influence of Parliamentarians over their business operations.

Samples are fully representative and can be split by party, region, length of service, marginality, age and gender.

Our analytical techniques help you identify key drivers of favourability and engagement, helping to build reputation, communications and public policy strategies that will achieve maximum impact.

MP Panel

Launched 15 years ago, the Savanta ComRes MP Panel runs 9 times per year, achieving a robust and representative sample each wave.

The service includes professional question design and a full report that provides key insights as well as recommendations and implications related to your objectives.

We work in partnership with clients to create a list of target MPs to form the ‘Core Group’.

Core Group Analysis allows us to identify a specific sub-group of MPs within the sample who are of the greatest interest to our client (such as MPs who sit on particular committees and APPGs) and analyse how their opinions compare against the wider sample.

Devolved Parliaments Panels

Savanta ComRes also conducts panels in the three devolved nations, allowing clients to understand the views of Members of Scottish Parliament (MSPs), Members of the Senedd (MS) and Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs). Each runs twice a year and is fully representative of each Parliament.

EU Influencers Panel

Savanta ComRes operates the most established survey among Brussels policy elites.

Designed for organisations seeking an in-depth understanding of how they’re perceived across the EU policy space, the EU Influencers survey reaches a sample of over 200 stakeholders, distributed across:

MEPs – weighted to be representative of the European Parliament by party & region.

Brussels opinion formers – representatives from the wider EU policy community.

EU institution staff – from the European Parliament, European Commission, Council of Ministers, EU agencies & the Permanent Representations of Member States.

For more information you can download a full overview here or get in touch with one of the team at better.decisions@savanta.com

A full calendar of launch dates for our parliamentary panels is available here.


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