February 20, 2020

Collect continuous feedback on recorded content:

Introducing Video Rating

Savanta’s new Video Rating tool offers the opportunity to collect continuous feedback on recorded content, allowing you to understand viewers’ responses— as a whole but also moment by moment.

Respondents can rate the content from beginning to end using an emotional rating scale widget, so that you can see which parts of the video content viewers feel positively and negatively about.

What can it help with?

  • Pre-test viewer reaction to advertising
  • Compare advertising treatments
  • Show respondents an in-store walk-through
  • Test product displays
  • And much more…

Video rating can be made part of a wider online survey or served as a standalone element, to representative audiences or a group of identified customers.

The reporting tool allows you to review the data alongside the video in an interactive environment, with options to filter feedback by demographic information or by data points collected within the survey.

In addition, it’s possible to run side by side comparisons of different groups of respondents showing you how your content is perceived by different people. Our tool also allows for weighting to be applied to data without having to leave the user-friendly environment.

Using the tool

Video rating can be used to better understand and improve many different types of marketing activities.

For example, if you are launching an advertising campaign with number of video elements and need to understand who to target with each, we can deploy an online survey to a nationally representative audience, serving a variety of video rating exercises to the target market.

As soon as data is collected, it is available in the online reporting tool allowing the user to compare reaction by demographic group, brand awareness, and NPS score.

Try  the tool out for yourself here, or get in touch for more information at better.decisions@savanta.com.


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