February 20, 2020

Access and understand the world’s wealthiest individuals:

Introducing MillionaireVue

Savanta’s MillionaireVue, a new quarterly-run omnibus focused on millionaires, covers three of the world’s main wealth markets – UK, United States and China and offers brands the opportunity to access and understand millionaires across the globe.

Our team of wealth experts draw upon the knowledge of 500 HNWIs in each core market, providing brands with the hard-to-reach audience needed to inform even the most challenging questions that the wealth space presents.

The process uses unrivalled quality control measures and the sample is stratified to reflect wealth distribution in each market, which means results stand up to scrutiny. Unlike many other omnibus services, there is no entry fee or minimum number of questions.

The omnibus offers brands the opportunity to ask a range of question types from single choice to rankings and open text boxes, meaning questions are not limited to simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ options.

This flexibility allows brands as much or as little detail as needed and questions can even be tracked over time. Once results are received, our team deliver the findings in both their raw and charted formats.

As experts in the wealth space, we hope MillionaireVue will continue to inspire decision making across sectors in our mission to understand the broader context of these consumers’ lives.

For more information about costs please download our rate card, or get in touch with one of our wealth experts here.


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