March 16, 2020

Track attitudes and behaviours towards Coronavirus:

Introducing Coronavirus (Covid-19) survey & tracker

Savanta is running a weekly Coronavirus survey and tracker which offers brands and businesses the opportunity to access and understand customer attitudes and behaviours towards Coronavirus.

The survey and tracker offers brands and businesses the opportunity to ask a range of question types from single choice to rankings and open text boxes, meaning questions are not limited to simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ options.  This flexibility allows brands and businesses as much or as little detail as needed

The survey and tracker will also track attitudes and behaviours towards Coronavirus. There will be 7 key topics being tracked: proximity, anxiety, money, consumption, trust, time span and after-effects.

Once results are received, our team deliver the findings in both their raw and charted formats.

Our team of experts draw upon the knowledge of 2,000 consumers, providing brands and businesses with the audience needed to inform even the most challenging questions that our current environment presents.

The process uses unrivalled quality control measures, which means results stand up to scrutiny.

About the survey and tracker

There are 7 key areas and opportunities to ask a range of questions

The 7 key questions are:

1. How near do they feel to Coronavirus?
2. How worried are they?
3. What is the impact on their income?
4. What is the impact on their outgoings? (by category)
5. Who do they trust for information?
6. How long do people think the Coronavirus crisis will go on for?
7. How do people foresee life after Coronavirus?

The responders will be classified using 11 standard profiling questions across

  • Age, gender, Household Income, location and Social / Economic grade

We will track how these data change over time on a weekly basis

Deliverables are:

  • Weekly data file
  • Weekly Powerpoint file with key findings

As research experts, we hope our survey and tracker will inform and inspire decision making across sectors in our mission to understand the broader context of customers lives.

For more information please get in touch with us here.


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