October 12, 2020

Savanta x The Women's Association:

For The Woman

Today Savanta are proud to stand with the Museum of LondonColumbia Threadneedle Investments EMEA APACParagon Banking Group PLCBritish Army and Alfa Financial Software to make over 100 women visible as part of The Women’s Association Campaign.

The campaign celebrates and spotlights female talent and supports the MRS Manifesto for Opportunity Pledge signed by Roger Perowne, Global CEO, Vin DeRobertis, Americas CEO , and Dr Nick Baker, Chief Research Officer, last year.

It aims to bring women together from different backgrounds, different cultures, different job roles, and different organisations, not only to celebrate how far women have come, but to allow our female Savanteers to be role models to inspire and inform the next generation. Through this series and their other projects, The Women’s Association want to redefine what society dictates a woman can be.

Now more than ever, young women need hope for their future. The pandemic has disrupted education, hit the job market hard and further widened the gender gap. This piece could bring some much-needed inspiration to young women across the UK.

The Women’s Association Founder, Deborah Williams says “#ForTheWoman Campaign celebrates women
and the diversity of roles they undertake in the working world: from a software engineer to a personal
assistant to a director. These are images of inspiration and hope for future generations.

In an interview with Forbes; Dr Ansary, UN Women Global Champion, said ”raising the visibility of women
in every sphere is vital to empowering women and achieving gender parity. It takes an accumulation of
roles models – real life examples of what girls and women can do if given the opportunity – to change
entrenched attitudes.”

This campaign highlights the fact that women don’t need to be CEOs or recognised change-makers to
improve the trajectory for women and girls, we just need to be seen and our stories need to be heard.


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