January 28, 2022

Savanta Webinar:

Activating Thought Leadership: A Deep Dive Into Sustainability

Savanta presented at a webinar entitled “Activating Thought Leadership: A Deep Dive Into Sustainability.” 0n January 26th. Eric Koivisto, SVP, and Jeremy Mullin, VP public affairs, explored the benefits of thought leadership and how sustainability is a key player in the thought leadership dialogue of today.

Thought leadership is a strategic element of all influential brands to develop and integrate within their marketing and communication efforts. However, thought leadership is a developed skill – one that requires discipline, a planned approach and a commitment to engage in a meaningful dialogue over time. In the end, thought leadership is about connecting the dots that others don’t and curating a path that others can follow.

Businesses want to understand what is on the minds of their customers or industry experts, as well as provide anticipation to customers for what’s around the corner and avoid missteps when positioning their brands and businesses for future moves.

Environmental and sustainability efforts have been a key part of the global conversation that has been evolving since the pandemic, and in an increasingly crowded marketplace, a successful thought leadership program will increase your ability to pave your way through this conversation. Using integral data collection and analysis tools, our team at Savanta has created a case study that highlights critical topics surrounding the pandemic’s impact on sustainability and the adaptation of environmental efforts more generally.

For the full recording, please see HERE.


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