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Torie Bold, EVP

Fewer than 0.3% of the world’s population are high net worth individuals (HNWIs), but that doesn’t mean they all think or act in a similar way. We have spent the past 15+ years researching and understanding this varied and diverse audience.

We work on research projects across sectors from financial services, to travel, jewellery, fashion and beauty, in our mission to understand the broader context of these consumers’ lives.

Our focus and specialism in this space gives us a deeper understanding of how different segments within this audience act, feel, think and prioritise. We’ve seen how, in many instances, this group acts as the early adopters who experiment with the latest products and services first, adopting new behaviours a few years ahead of time.

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How we help clients

Segment your core HNW audiences

Customer strategies

Get close to your target audience using a combination of qualitative exploration and robust market analysis to bring customer profiles to life for your teams. Work with us to design and embed a bespoke audience segmentation, helping teams within your business to align decision making around the needs of your core target audiences.

Understand brand perceptions amongst HNWIs

Marketing effectiveness

Brand tracking allows you to benchmark your brand’s strength in a competitive context and set targets for brand growth. Over time you’ll be able to measure and monitor the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and whether shifting brand perceptions align to your long-term goals.

Build and refine the high-end branded experience

Customer experience

Build outstanding high-end customer experiences through understanding luxury consumers’ motivations and missions when buying from your brand, as well as site-specific feedback which enables you to make changes that directly impact satisfaction and sales.

Ensure your most valuable clients are happy

Client engagement

Engage with your wealth management clients, and collect feedback to ensure that your service meets their needs. Monitor satisfaction and NPS over time and make tangible changes to your offer and communications to positively impact satisfaction and retention.

Everyone from their team, from top to bottom, were truly impressive in their research expertise, commitment to the project, focus on actionable insights, and their ability to really act as business partners - not just conducting a study for you, but really helping you deliver on the project that the study is supposed to inform. In addition, they also don't just do as you say - they really do challenge you if they think something in your brief isn't quite right. They also very transparent financially - they are happy to price out different options/approaches and will be very honest about what the pros and cons are. In our case they actually advised against a more expensive option as they felt we could get similar insights from a different less expensive approach. Last but not least, they are very, very, focused on providing quality research.”
Head of Marketing Strategy and Client Insight, British Auction House


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