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Steve King, Senior Vice President : Transport and Services

People are more committed than ever to looking after their physical and mental wellbeing, and this is creating a knock-on effect on how consumers decide to spend their spare time.

From mindfulness and mental health, to diet and fitness. There is a myriad of new services, apps and wearables designed to track and monitor your health when it comes to sporting activities.

Meanwhile in recent years, expectations for consuming the arts, visiting museums and heritage venues and engaging in wider cultural activities has been transformed. Organisations have had to evolve, by attracting and capturing a new generation of audiences. They have also had to broaden their appeal, becoming more progressive and commercial in their outlook.

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How we help clients

Build and refine the branded customer experience

Customer experience

Build outstanding customer experiences through understanding customer motivations and missions as well as site-specific feedback which enables you to make changes that directly impact satisfaction and sales.

Build and maintain a strong brand

Marketing effectiveness

Brand tracking allows you to benchmark your brand’s strength in a competitive context and set targets for brand growth. Over time you’ll be able to measure and monitor the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and whether shifting brand perceptions align to your long-term goals.

Become more customer-centric

Customer strategies

Get close to your target audience using a combination of qualitative exploration and robust market analysis to bring customer profiles to life for your teams. Work with us to design and embed a bespoke audience segmentation, helping teams within your business to align decision making around the needs of your core target audiences.

Size the growth opportunity

Growth strategies

Investigate the opportunity and size the potential audience for a new or existing product or service. Understand the current market, pain points, drivers and barriers to help inform its development. Identify the ideal target audience to ensure messaging regarding features and benefits effectively resonate.

Any business needs to outpace its competitors and accelerate delivery of insights which can be used to grow performance and value. Virtually all customer-facing initiatives have been formed using this unique approach to customer tracking and subsequent performance analysis. The member trackers have given us an invaluable tool for assessing what our customers actually want, not what we think they want.
CMO, Fitness First


Introducing BrandVue: Your daily source for insight

Based on a continuous survey of tens-of-thousands of members of your target market and covering all key competitors, the BrandVue dashboard is a highly reliable, user-friendly window on how customers perceive brands in your sector and rate their experiences with them.

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