FMCG Market Research

Will Blackett, EVP, Consumer

The FMCG sector brings constant challenges for brands, with changing consumer behaviour and an increasingly dynamic channel landscape.

Understanding these behaviours through research enables brands to be agile in terms of innovation; and therefore meet consumer’s desire for diversity and relevance, in terms of fmcg products, but also services.

Health, nutrition and new ingredients are helping to drive food and drink, as consumers demand greater transparency, fed off a desire to lead healthier lifestyles. This is reflected in the rise of vegan/meat free diets, non-dairy milks, low-sugar and low fat. Premiumisation is also helping to drive innovation in NPD, as consumers look for brands they can engage with, that have a clear a point of difference. Whether its food or non-food, consumers increasingly demand greater transparency from manufacturers in terms of sustainability, which will increasingly underpin the future of FMCG.

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How we help clients

Identifying a winning formula

Proposition development

Whether its new propositions development or enhancements to existing propositions we can work with you to help inform and create real competitor differentiators. Gain deep understanding of your customer needs, desires and pain points to inform NPD from ideation, concept testing, products enhancement and positioning.

Launch successful propositions

Proposition and innovation testing

We help you identify and explore new opportunities to understand what resonates most amongst your target audience. Whether it’s an early stage idea or a prelaunch concept, we design studies that integrate multiple sources of insight to help you build winning propositions.

Enhancing your offer

Product refinement

Test the effect of changing your existing products in ways that make them cheaper to produce without alienating regular users. Better promote your products using evidence-based claims, collected through research. Ensure that product delivery and satisfaction align with user expectations to encourage higher repeat rates and better overall sales.

Helping clients to build on success

Growth strategies

Investigate the opportunity and size the potential audience for a new or existing product or service. Understand the current market, pain points, drivers and barriers to help inform its development. Identify the ideal target audience to ensure messaging regarding features and benefits effectively resonate.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the team at Savanta. They combine professionalism and proactivity with an ongoing desire to learn about and add value to Sainsbury's via a wide range of research projects and programmes.
Head of Insight, Sainsbury's


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