Automotive market research

Graeme Cade, EVP

The pressure is on for automotive manufacturers and their retail network to maximise customer loyalty and minimise churn, as well as to deliver future proof solutions that drive revenue and profitability.

The sector faces a range of challenges, centred on changing consumer demands. This is encapsulated in changing ownership models and the provision of zero emission, as well as autonomous vehicles. This is all impacted by greater regulatory control, particularly around emissions.

At a time of unprecedented uncertainty, as automotive industry market research experts, we guide automotive brands and their network to research and understand changing consumer behaviours. Key areas to research include the rise of digital and the virtual showroom, online car configuration and finance packages, as well as understanding the rise of online sales channels (click and deliver) and helping manufacturers understand their brand positioning to guide future strategy.

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How we help clients

Build and refine the brand

Customer experience

Build outstanding customer experiences through understanding customer motivations and missions as well as site-specific feedback which enables you to make changes that directly impact satisfaction and sales.

Understand audiences to deliver growth

Audience access

Investigate the opportunity and size the potential audience for a new or existing product or service. Understand the current market, pain points, drivers and barriers to help inform its development. Identify the ideal target audience to ensure messaging regarding features and benefits effectively resonate.

Refine your brand positioning and messaging

Brand strategies

Identify your brand’s strengths relative to competitors through the eyes of your core consumers and customers. Through this process, get your teams to prioritise your brand’s key fortresses – areas of strength that are central to your value proposition - whilst editing down or editing out secondary features.

Test and launch successful campaigns

Campaign Effectiveness

Test new advertising and comms before launch amongst target audiences to optimise and refine creative and messaging. Campaign Optimiser evaluates post launch sponsorship and campaign effectiveness by understanding campaign metrics and ROI. The emotional impact of a campaign can be understood through a range of biometric techniques.


Introducing BrandVue: Your daily source for insight

Based on a continuous survey of tens-of-thousands of members of your target market and covering all key competitors, the BrandVue dashboard is a highly reliable, user-friendly window on how customers perceive brands in your sector and rate their experiences with them.

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