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Localised research

For effective community engagement, planning, and decision-making, you must understand the views of local residents and organisations. Localised market research at the grassroots level gives these important stakeholders a seat at the table.

Our approach

Traditional methods of engagement – like public consultations – are important tools for local engagement. But sadly, these only capture opinions from the most engaged locals.

The result? The silent majority is overlooked in favour of a vocal minority who shout the loudest.

It’s time to understand true local attitudes by engaging with a representative cross-section of the local population, based on up-to-date ONS data. This lets you design plans with community support and create communications strategies that resonate with local people. Want to understand consumers at a hyper-local level all over the country? We run nationwide surveys with localisable results using advanced regression techniques.

In-depth qualitative research with residents explores drivers of opinions, tests communications strategies, and provides verbatim feedback on local plans.


Understanding the local public

Your most important audience is often local residents. Crucially, we conduct research that is representative and robust. We reach those who would be excluded from other public engagement forums – via surveys, focus groups, workshops, roundtables, phone, post or face-to-face.


Reaching decision-makers at local organisations

The local business community is a vital audience to have onside for any local strategy. We know how to reach senior decision-makers from firms based in specific areas.


Consulting local stakeholders

Community leaders are key influencers in decision-making but are often overlooked. Ensure they have their say – from councillors to representatives of local community groups, sports clubs, residents’ associations or business groups.

Research Benefits

Informing local plans, initiatives, or developments

Working effectively at a local level requires an understanding of the population in that area. Any decision-making should be informed by robust evidence of what the local population think and want.

Developing and informing communications

Understand the channels local people are receptive to, plus the messages that will cut through, for the most effective local engagement.

Measuring changes and progress over time

With vigorous tracking research, assess the progress of initiatives or developments. See whether these are delivering on their objectives and – if needed – change course as circumstances or opinions evolve.

Demonstrating local people’s attitudes

It’s essential to have reliable evidence of community support for your proposals, when engaging with decision-makers and senior stakeholders. We can help with that.

Research methods

Public policy

Public policy

Policy development & evaluation

Policy development & evaluation

Public affairs strategy

Public affairs strategy

Online data collection (CAWI)

Online data collection (CAWI)

Face to face data collection (CAPI & PAPI)

Face to face data collection (CAPI & PAPI)

Telephone data collection (CATI)

Telephone data collection (CATI)

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