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The research needed to give a thorough analysis of each journey and recommend key areas that would facilitate the transition."

Argos is a British catalogue retailer.

The company trades both through physical shops and online, with over 845 retail shops, 29 million yearly shop customers, and nearly a billion online visitors per annum, making it one of the largest high street retailers in the United Kingdom.

The Challenge

Argos could see the industry was trending away from the high street. To keep up with this move, the brand knew it needed to become a far more digitally led retailer.

In order to achieve this, Argos had to ascertain how to migrate customers from an offline to an online purchase journey, an approach which required a thorough understanding of both journeys from the ground up. This is where Savanta came in.

Our approach

As always, we started by establishing the research goals. Argos’ ultimate business need was to know how to effectively migrate its customers from in-store to online shopping. Therefore, the research needed to give a thorough analysis of each journey and recommend key areas that would facilitate the transition.

To this end, Savanta conducted a large-scale insight programme - incorporating both qualitative and quantitative components (spanning various target shopper typologies) - to uncover Argos purchase motivations instore vs. online. The research was all framed within a competitive-set context.

The outcome

The insight helped uncover a number of key barriers, challenges and frustrations relating to the Argos digital experience

It provided tangible recommendations as to how to best surmount the identified challenges in a way that remained true to the Argos brand values, whilst at the same time catalysing customer migration to a digital purchase model.

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